The EvangeCube is a 7panel cube, sharing the Gospel of Christ in pictures. The cube guides you to share God’s love in a structured and non-confrontational way.  It does not require literacy and is easy to transcend language barriers.   The whole body of Christ can use it!

Each cube comes with an English leaflet explaining each picture. A full English Training Manual is also available for download, free of charge.

Training and Downloads

We recommend training to ensure your cube is used effectively. We can provide you with training and it would be a priviledge to serve you in this way.

The Evangecube leaflet is available in the following Southern African languages

  1. -isiZulu

  2. -Setswana

  3. -Xhosa

  4. -seSotho

  5. -Afrikaans



7cm EvangeCubes

1 -   23        R 90 each

24+             R 85 each       

Big Cubes (used for training)

R400 each

Some EvangeCube users

  1. East Side Community Church

  2. Building Hope Foundation

  3. Several organisations focused on serving deaf communities   

  4. Funanani

  5. Basothos vir Jesus

Who uses the cubes?

  1. 1.Adults and children

  2. 2.Outreach teams

  3. 3.Counsellors

  4. 4.Business

  5. 5.Pastors and Ministers

  6. 6.Sport ministries

  7. 7.Churches etc.

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