See how cubes are used in transforming a generation



The EvangeCube and HIV/AIDS Cube are 7 panel picture cubes that allow everyone to share a message in a clear and simple way. .

Both cubes are successfully applied in rural and urban contexts, from Cape Town to Pretoria, Uganda, Angola,  Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho etc. 

Both cubes are successfully used in offices, factories, rural settings, schools, counselling rooms, prevention and care, training and awareness, clinics, churches and outreach teams.

Equip yourself today and simply start sharing!


Simple Resources for a Story-telling Culture

Who uses the cubes?

  1. Business

  2. Medical practitioners

  3. Pastors

  4. Teachers

  5. Human Resources

  6. Counsellors

  7. Trainers

  8. Outreach teams


Translations listed below, can only be provided with the purchase of a cube

  1. -Xhosa

  2. -IsiZulu

  3. -Setswana

  4. -Afrikaans

  5. -Sepedi